VOICES of WISDOM on ‘SITUATION’ in Kashmir and India

“THEY WILL visit your homes, take your name, phone number and ask for documents like Aadhaar and driving licenses. The NPR will become database of NRC”…”We need to fight against it and have a plan. When they visit your home for NPR, and ask for your name give them some different name. For address say 7 RCR. A lot of subversion will be needed, we are not born to face lathis and bullets”…”Attacks are taking place on Muslims in UP. Police are going house to house ransacking and looting”.
“The silence is the loudest sound in Kashmir”…it looks very much as though our government has gone rogue…it turned all of Kashmir into a giant prison camp”…”Kashmiris recurring nightmare (an inversion of the one being peddled by Donald Trump) of being swept away by a tidal wave of triumphant Indians wanting a little home in their sylvan valley could easily come true”.
Renowned novelist and Human Rights Activist ARUNDHATI ROY, India

I THINK it’s a dangerous statement and reveals the murderous nature of the regime. Already the Indian forces are using Zionist tactics in Occupied Palestine by shooting pellets and blinding scores of people. Another noticeable feature is the kidnapping of minors, arresting them. and creating emotional havoc among Kashmiris“…”Brinkmanship by the RSS controlled BJP government is further creating chaos and war drums are being beating. India should solve this issue but the present inferior mindset there does not bode well”.
“The rewriting of history by the RSS is totally obnoxious. It reveals the inferior mindset of this group.Tomorrow they will claim they built the Taj Mahal. I fear for India as these murderous thugs will rip India apart. In 30 years, China has become a rich China. In 10 years China will be an advanced China which is on fast track. India on the other hand is regressing fast. It’s a shame because it really has nice people”.
Media icon and former Editor-in-Chief of Arab News & Saudi Gazette KHALED ALMAEENA, Saudi Arabia

“THE WORLD is waking up to a new India, an intolerant, Hindu extremist and fundamentalist India, an India where goons are ruling. We are waking up to this new India, that is starkly different to the idea of its founding fathers. Jinnah stands vindicated today. The two nation theory is back and with a vengeance.
To a large extent, and despite few sentences here and there, driven mainly by its business interests, the global conscience is maintaining a virtual mum on the issue. The so-called Islamic world, from Saudi Arabia to Abu Dhabi are endeavoring to look the other way. The OIC is in deep slumbers too, while all seem set for the genocide of Indian and Kashmiri Muslims. This is a question mark on the global conscience. How long would it remain so, is yet to be seen. Ultimately, the world will have to speak out, and in unison against the ongoing and the impending genocide in Kashmir, UP, Bihar, Assam and the rest of India. History is keeping a close eye!”

Energy analyst, contributor to BBC, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail RASHID HUSAIN SYED, Canada

“What we are seeing is the symptoms of fascism without the fascist ideology. Fascism meant something. It meant a powerful state, under the control of the Nazi or fascist party, which controlled everything. It even controlled business. We are not seeing that in India. The state does not control big business. And the same here. We have many of the aspects of fascism. Concentration camps at the border. You have many of the aspects of fascism. Concentration camps at the border, you know racism, and so on.. But business is not under control. [inaudible] they called it in Germany. The state is so powerful, it controlled not just labor of course, but business. In fact, every organization. There are signs of that. For example, when Trump orders every company to get out of China, there is a touch of that. But notice that they didn’t do it.”
NAOM CHOMSKY: Renowned social critic and political activist, USA

“Can a leopard change its spots? Can the saffron clan led by the RSS and BJP ever give up its core philosophy and agenda that is founded on a pathological hatred of all things Muslim?”…”The Citizenship Amendment Bill, okayed by the Cabinet on Wednesday, is yet another proof of the BJP’s obsession with Muslims and targeting of a hopelessly powerless and dispossessed minority”…”By deliberately and specifically targeting Muslims, this legislation comes in direct collision with the secular principles enshrined in the Constitution as it excludes a community on the basis of its faith.”…” In any case, the ordinary Indians do not seem to care about the state of the economy or the nation as long as the BJP keeps delivering on the so-called core agenda, from Kashmir to Ayodhya to the NRC.  Idea of India? Gimme a break!”
AIJAZ ZAKA SYED: Award winning journalist and former editor