‘I Can’t Breathe’, ‘We Shall Overcome’, and a Paulo Coelho

We Will and Shall Overcome

Masses will triumph not the entrenched and powerless so-called elites
Coronavirus has seemingly wiped them off
Simmering in their caves for being spared

Haha! Nature triumphs!
All else are doomed

Enjoy, savor what can from times we know and love

Time marches on….

Aziz Ahmed, Islamabad
April 2020

Can’t Breathe

My perpetrator!
Did you know that I too
Am a human being like you?
And I have a right to exist
What have you got against me
That on killing me you insist
If a law I broke
Then arrest me with a stroke
Handcuff me
Take me to the court
There, I’ll prove
That I’m not the sort
That you believe
I am but a man like you
The color of my skin is though dark
But the color of my blood is the same, red, stark!
I want to live
And food to my children need to give
I came out to buy a few loaves of bread
But, like a savage you crushed me with your knee on my head
Who gave you the right?
To subdue me with all your might
Like I’m an insect?
In rage you seethe
But I can’t breathe
Please, let me breathe

Jamil Usman, New Jersey
June 2020

A poem by Paulo Coelho

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