21 Lessons For the 21st Century By Yuval Noah Harari

“Just as Yuval Noah Harari had envisioned”, wrote Mani Shankar Ayar in The Week in November. Some may agree/some disagree on Ayar’s take dovetailing it to Harari’s book 21 Lessons For the 21st Century (image below) published in 2018. Hariri is an Israeli author, public intellectual, historian and professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

KEY Talking Points in Hariri’s book:
Ignorance: You know less than you think
Justice: Our sense of justice may be out of date
Truth/Post-Truth: Some fake news lasts for ever

On Technological Challenge
When you grow up, you might not have a job
BIG Data is watching you
Those who own the data own the future
The end of history has been posponed

On Political Challenge
There is just one civilization in the world
Global problems need global answers
Some culture might be better than others

On War: Never underestimate human stupidity
On Humility: You are not the center of the world

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