A European NGO Says a Global Network of Fake Media Outlets Set Up the EU MPs’ Kashmir Visit

DESPARDES — A Europe-based disinformation watchdog has reportedly cracked open a nexus of dormant companies and fake media outlets promoting India’s diplomatic interests, reports Quartz.

According to the report, an investigation by EU DisinfoLab, an NGO tracking sophisticated disinformation campaigns targeting EU countries and institutions, has listed some 265 such fake media outlets across 65 countries. These platforms allegedly promote India’s geopolitical interests through republication of propaganda pieces and op-eds.

Their entire campaign dovetails with India’s Aug. 5 move to change the status of Jammu & Kashmir, and garner support for the country at international fora.

IT SMELLS: Modi ‘Arranges Visit’ of Extreme Far Right EU MP’s Delegation to Locked-down Kashmir

EU DisinfoLab’s investigation demonstrates how this network of think tanks, NGOs, and media outlets has already translated into a set of EU parliamentarians visiting the Kashmir valley on Oct. 30.

DESPARDES reported on the visit and cited officials saying it was ‘arranged, managed’.

Thierry Mariani, a Euro MP for France’s far-right National Rally, told AFP “we are going to see the situation in Kashmir, at least what they want to show us”.

The visit came amidst international attention on curbs on free speech and allegations of human rights violations in the Kashmir valley. The Himalayan valley remains in lockdown– today is the 101st day of the silence and communication button-up of the issue amid creeping uncovering of disturbing news emanating from the region.