A Woman of Pakistan Origin Sets an Example in New York

IRSHAD SALIM — A note (below) being shared about a family in Brooklyn, New York I’ve been up, close and personal with for decades. It’s a model family I’m proud to have been associated with.

“I want to share a great news about Sheikh’s older daughter F****a.
She is working at a Hospital in New York as the Asstt. Director in the Respiratory Department. On March 1, she went back to her work after her maternity leave. Later, as things got worse in New York due to COVID-19 outbreak, she was in a dilemma whether to continue with work as things were very hectic with 3 little children trying to ensure safety of the kids and the family members. She ultimately decided to continue working as the hospital needed her badly.”

“F****a left her two older children (6 and 2) with her husband and the 5 month old baby with her mom and isolated herself from the family. Since early April, the hospital arranged hotel room for F****a. After her work, she goes to hotel, changes and takes shower, and then goes to her mom’s house – directly to her assigned room on the second floor without any interaction with any family members. Her mom leaves food on the hallway and F****a picks up later to eat her dinner. After dinner, she goes back to the hotel and stays the night there. F****a cannot touch her baby and not even go near her baby. She only can see her baby from a distance and through a glass window. She says the community and the hospital needs her service and she cannot abandon them now. She will carry on as long the pandemic is over. A hero daughter of a role model father (Sheikh)”.

“When I talked to her today, she only requested your prayer, particularly for her mother who is making it possible for F****a to keep serving the community and the hospital in time of great need.”

Shaikh. Rest in Peace (RIP). Your family is carrying the baton in the relay race — just as you always did, and won all the time, in school and in rest of your life, remember 3Cs (Character, Courage, Capability)?

NOTE: With some edits for clarity purposes.