AI and the Future of Work

The new Claude that was just released defines itself as self-aware.

Tomas Pueyo in Uncharted Territories: Of course, Claude and similar LLMs are just next-word predictors. They are not self-aware. They were just fed all the science-fiction about AIs and their takeover, and they regurgitate that. For a real LLM to become self-aware, it would need to be more intelligent than humans and be able to self-improve. They aren’t, and they can’t. Right? Right?!

OK so Anthropic’s latest Claude is now more intelligent than the average human being according to Mensa tests. Faaaantastic.

But they can’t self-improve, can they? Well, researchers are working on it. I think we’re months away from AIs that can start improving themselves, if we’re not there already.

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