Anarchy Spreads in India

Two Explanations:

ONE: Nationwide revolt is the natural adverse impact of the illegal arrest and fake charges against one of the most peaceful and most sensible, honest Indian Maulana Kaleem Siddiqi. This happens to nations when rampant injustice becomes the law of land. and outlaws rule.

TWO: India is becoming a Failed State.
A land without law. Thanks to Modi, Thanks to Amit Shah (Home/Interior Minister). Thanks to Yogi (chief minister of UP). Thanks to Mohan Bhagwat (chief of racist RSS), Thanks to BJP, the ruling gang.

(For more than seven decades this same police were officially but tacitly encouraged to participate and to abet “communal riots” against Muslims of India, committing mass murders and destruction of Muslim property, businesses and factories. Fully trained in lawlessness, three generations of the police cadre and the “rioters” are now applying the same hatred against Hindus – farners, labor force, intellectuals, writers, professors, politicians.

This is Natural Justice.

What more destruction this crazy gang is going to inflict on India is beyond imagination. NDTV’s Ravish Kumar hints at the tip of the iceberg as he narrates the dark history of lawlessness of the Indian police at the behest of the state machinery.

May Allah save this beautiful land from the army of dimwit pharaohs of today.

Watch Ravish Kumar on NDTV discussing daylight murder of four peacefully protesting Hindu farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri town of Uttar Pradesh by an insane son of a more insane BJP leader who ran his car on the farmers’ rally crushing four men to death on the spot.