WhatsApp shares on ‘bad’. Curated by Irshad Salim, Karachi:

…and a good system will expose a bad person any time!

…and it doesn’t matter how much you fake to be a good person, you will always be a bad person in everyone’s story!

A bad husband, said the video share. Is he beating the system or the system is exposing him? BTW I did not (read ‘never’) get any share on a ‘bad wife’. The universal communication system’s subset, the social media, may be fixed or loaded, or there aren;t and bad examples, I wonder. JJ (Just Joking)!

Good one above. Only if, and if only bad examples are few to be pointed out. What if there are many?

It was a bad day for the monkey, and I guess a bad boy among his herd community–to drop the banana!