China delivers a huge floating dock to Russia (Video)

A100,000-ton floating dock built by order of Russia by China Beihai Shipyard was successfully delivered to in December. It sailed to the Russian Far East Port and was taken over by the Russian Far East Red Star Shipyard. This is the second floating dock built by Beihai Shipyard for the Red Star Shipyard.

The delivery of PD-100 is of great significance to Russia. After the delivery of this Chinese-made floating dock, it has become the largest floating dock in Russia. The parameters show that the PD-100 floating dock has a length of 350 meters, an outer width of more than 95 meters, an inner width of 80 meters, and a depth of 30.5 meters. It has a lifting capacity of 100,000 tons and is equipped with two 50-ton cranes.