Re-engineering Cholistan Desert With Orchards, Crops (Video)

Pakistan has a very big desert known as “Cholistan Desert”. In local language, it is known as Rohi. 70 years back, it was very green and productive but when River Sutlej was handed over to India, the area became a huge desert. Now, water is being managed by canals, and latest irrigation technologies are helping to convert the desert back to a green productive land. This video is about the success story of Infinity Agro farms in which Asif Riaz, an agri graduate, worked very hard and developed 2000 acres of Cholistan desert for growing orchards, crops.

ھاتھ پر ھاتھ رکھ کر چولستان اور پیاس کا رونا رونے اور صحرا آباد کرنے والوں میں فرق