Citizens of the United States Will Need to Declare Their Loyalty When This Film Arrives on April 12.

New ‘Civil War’ Poster Divides America Into Warring Factions

by Britta DeVore at Collider: The battle lines are being drawn in a new poster for Alex Garland’s upcoming sci-fi action, flick, Civil War. Divided into four groupings, the image reveals what the separated chunks of the country will be named and where they’ll fall. California and Texas unite as one under the banner of the Western Forces, while Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and others in the vicinity make up the Florida Alliance. Spanning from Nevada to the East Coast with states like Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Ohio, Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island in the mix is the largest grouping, which will be referred to as the Loyalist States. Finally, much of the Pacific Northwest and areas including Utah, Minnesota, Montana, and more make up the New People’s Army.

Eerily appropriate for the times we’re living in, Civil War tells the not-so-hard-to-believe story of a dystopian future in which America is unraveling. Unable to view differences as a strength, the country has been torn into different factions, with all hell breaking loose from sea to shining sea. At the heart of the story is a group of journalists, traveling with the military to make it to Washington, D.C. before one of the opposing armies makes it there first…

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