Crop Circles: Who’s Hoaxing Whom?

“They may not be evidence of UFOs, ancient spirits or secret weapons, but there is something magical in their allure–they do act as magnets for mystical tourism”, says The Smithsonian. “As things stand, the relationship between the circle-makers and those who interpret their work has become a curious symbiosis of art and artifice, deception and belief. All of which raises the question: Who’s hoaxing whom?,” it adds.

Crop circles, according to Wikipedia, “are said by some who have studied them to be messages from intelligent extraterrestrial life, but many have been proved to be the work of humans…these appear regularly throughout the world, but the majority still appear in England.”

A farmer, who would not give her name, told The New York Times that “It is just so irresponsible to be trespassing and destroying food in the middle of a global wheat shortage, so if it was me I would be looking to prosecute”.

From the History Channel at YouTube:

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