INSIGHT: Dark Clouds of War

Reportedly, the phone call of Pompeo to the Chief of Army Staff has not made any headway. Political hierarchy and the Army are on the same page.

KHAWAR MUNIR HAROON: Americans triggered it by shooting down the Iranian general. Not that he was a Saint. He had his share of blood on his hands. May it be in Pakistan or elsewhere. He helped Americans against the Afghan Talibans and the Al Qaida. He was the mastermind in defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq. He was the planner to force the Israel Army to retreat from Lebanon. For Iranians he was an icon.

Iran has started rocketing the American bases in Iraq. Diplomatic parlays are on. The big question is the success of these diplomatic overtures.

Iranians are nationalists to the core. They, as a nation, draw the strength from the martyrdom of Hussain (AS). Their philosophy of life is based on the philosophy of Kerbala. Yazidiat has to be resisted at the peril of life. They proved this resolve during the eight years long Iran-Iraq war. Despite all sorts of support provided to Iraqis by USA and their allies, and restrictions imposed on Iran, the war could not be won. Rather, Americans and their allies committed the most heinous war crimes of supplying Chemical Weapons to Iraq and their use on the innocent general public, thus killing thousands of innocent children, women, and men.

Contrary to that, Americans are scared of body-bags. In the last eighteen years, despite all the so-called might, Americans along with NATO forces, could not succeed against very modest but stubborn Afghans. Iranians are not only stubborn but are much better armed than the Afghans. The scenario forecast is, therefore, much more gruesome for the Americans.

In the present milieu, Pakistan’s position is extremely precarious. Any flare-up in the region will have direct impact on Pakistan. Reportedly, the phone call of Pompeo to the Chief of Army Staff has not made any headway. Political hierarchy and the Army are on the same page. The deceitful act of Pompeo to draw a wedge between the government and the Army has failed. Now is the time to consider the options available to Pakistan with utmost deliberation. Any false move will be disastrous. Caution is the call of the day. Emotions must not overtake intellect. All political parties must rally around the interest and integrity of the nation. Politicians must show political maturity rather than their own petty interests and selfish bargaining. Internal stability must be ensured at all cost. Government must immediately convene a joint meeting of all the political parties to build a consensus on the present developments in and around Pakistan.

The time is too short. Dark clouds of war are hovering over the horizon. Western and Eastern borders are going to be involved in a serious confrontation. India is already stirring up the hostilities. It will not miss any opportunity to destabilize Pakistan. One odd incident in Nankana Sahib has been blown out of proportion by the Indian media and a nonsensical home media. Government must nip this evil in the bud and action taken be made an example for any future mischief mongers. The perpetrators must be booked forthwith.

Let not the time slip away from the positive and timely stance. Let the decisions taken be for betterment of Pakistan. Let sense prevail. Let us stand united at this point in time for the future of the country.

The author is ex-Principal Garrison Post Graduate College for Men Lahore, ex Director Academics Lahore Garrison University and member of the visiting faculty of multiple universities in Lahore. He is MPhil in Education, Leadership and Management. He can be reached at [email protected]