Did the Occult Influence Karl Marx and Early Communism?

Is spiritualism and materialism paradoxical? Can they coexist? Is the inference that occult is akin to or similar to spiritualism a valid argument?

The groupthink that “all-round and harmoniously developed individuals” devoted to spiritual self-perfection who would ultimately “work, live and create according to the laws of beauty” is off and on linked with Karl Marx’s famous verdict “religion is the opium of the people,” and by implications with the socialist regimes of the former eastern Bloc, communism–it has therefore been deemed incompatible with religiosity. Really?

To extend the argument–for Socrates’ sake–is practicing a religion, and religiosity, the two sides of the same coin?

What does deen, mazhab, faith, lifestyle, have in common or what are the dissimilarities?

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