Do Americans Support Impeaching Trump?

For the first time, the impeachment inquiry reached directly into the White House on Friday as Democrats subpoenaed officials about contacts with Ukraine and President Donald Trump signaled his administration would not cooperate.

DESPARDES REPORT — President Trump repeated on Friday that he had been pressing Ukraine to investigate corruption, not trying to undermine Joe Biden, who could be his 2020 presidential election opponent. He made a related request of China, specifying Biden and his son, on Thursday.

Amid the media spotlight and House moves, tracking of all polls on impeachment together, seems though a close call between ayes and nays since news about the Ukraine scandal snowballed. Democrats 79.1%, Independents 41.3% and Republicans 12.5% support the move. The tracker while shows a rise among party lines, the cumulative result appears a close call with slightly over 2% in favor of the impeachment.

This is based on updating calculation of support for and opposition to impeachment conducted by FiveThirtyEight since August.

The result account for each poll’s quality, recency, sample size and partisan lean for the last 60 days.

The tracking firm is following how public opinion responds with this preliminary impeachment polling tracker.

The plan is to update these charts hourly with the latest polls for as long as the impeachment inquiry hangs in the air.

See all the polls FiveThirtyEight collected to develop the tracker.