Documenting ‘How to Rob a Bank’

Stephen Robert Morse and Seth Porges on their new Netflix true crime doc.

Sonny Bunch at The Bulwark: On this week’s episode, I’m joined by Stephen Robert Morse and Seth Porges, the producers and directors of How to Rob a Bank. Streaming now on Netflix, the true-crime doc’s subject, Scott Scurlock (aka, the Hollywood Bandit), calls to mind Point Break in his commitment to living his life however he pleased and funding it through criminal activities. But, as Porges told me in our interview, How to Rob a Bank is also a subversion of the cinematic trope of the noble bank robber, a rejection of that idealized vision of criminality. It’s a reminder that what filmmakers portray has some impact on how we see—and take part in—the world. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to watch their movie…

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