Don’t Start a War With Iran in Your Final Days in Office, Hillary Clinton Tweets

“One gift Trump could give the country and the world is to not start a war with Iran in his final 15 days in office,” Hillary Clinton tweeted.

“It’s hard to tell whether his administration is making intentional moves or simply displaying incompetence”. “Either way, they are playing a dangerous game,” she added.

The United States has decided to keep an aircraft carrier ‘USS Nimitz’ in the Gulf amid “recent threats” by Iran.

The carrier has been patrolling in Gulf waters since late November.

On January 3, Defense Secretary Christopher Miller issued a new statement stating, “Due to the recent threats issued by Iranian leaders against President Trump and other US government officials, I have ordered the USS Nimitz to halt its routine redeployment.”

“The USS Nimitz will now remain on station in the US Central Command area of operations. No one should doubt the resolve of the United States of America.”

Miller did not elaborate on the threats involved.

The statement came on the first anniversary of a US drone raid in Baghdad that killed Iran’s revered commander Qassem Soleimani and his Iraqi lieutenant, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

China orders military to be ready for war ‘at any second’

Reports say China has told its military to be ready to “act at any second” amid rising tensions over disputed territories in the South China Sea.

It comes as British aircraft carrier prepares to sail to South China Sea.

In his first address to the country’s armed forces of the new year, premier Xi Jinping stressed the need for “full-time combat readiness”.

He also said that current “frontline military struggles” should be used to maintain troops’ preparedness, and that the army must remain ready to “act at any second”.

The comments marked a contrast to last year’s new year address, which encouraged the PLA to “manage crises and deter war”, the South China Morning Post reports.

UK’s HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier is expected to be deployed to the region in the coming months as part of its first operational mission.

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