Dubai Job Seeker Left Aghast at Prospective Employer’s Email: ‘Why Need a Job, Go to Delhi in Shaheen Bagh For Protests’

DESPARDES — An Indian-Muslim from Kerala was left aghast — and is still upset — after his prospective employer in Dubai wrote back chiding him for looking for work and suggested he should make a living by joining protestors in Shaheen Bagh in New Delhi, reports Gulf News.

The Shaheen Bagh has been the epicenter of mass protests against India’s controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) that critics say makes room for Modi-led BJP government to marginalize the Muslim community — nearly 22m — the largest minority bloc in India.

Abdulla S.S., 23, says the report, had applied for a mechanical engineer’s position in Dubai and is “still reeling from the shock of the email he got from UAE-based Indian expat Jayant Gokhale in response to his job application last week”.

Gokhale, who runs a consultancy in Dubai, said his email is being blown out of proportion. In a statement to the Gulf News, he said he was suffering from ill-health and undergoing dialysis.

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