Eid Mubarak Special: FOUR Videos

‘A Bull in a China Shop’ is a person who breaks things or who often makes mistakes or causes damage in situations that require careful thinking or behavior. A cow doing the similar during Eid Al Azha would mean the same notwithstanding gender distinction.

PM Khan’s 3-year Saas-Bahu-Beti roller coaster relationship remains fodder for analysts in the electronic media prime time talk shows. Reason: The battle of wits between agents of change and those who seek stus quo is a blow hot and blow cold affair with intermittently time lapses coincidentally. The nation, mostly the young and the womenfolk in urban/rural however remain steadfastly behind Khan Sahib (personal opinion). His critics dub the Saas-Bahu-Beti relationship a ‘hybrid’. Khan’s responses have been quite matter of factly though:

THIS sacrificial animal (below) is in no mood to settle for the knife on his neck. No deal, that’s not gonna happen…a cow/bull makes a Homosapien run for the money he paid for him/her:

Probably he didn’t know the art of negotiating an escape even if odds may not be in his/her favor. He/she still manages success though. God bless the rat and the cat. Both end up as happy campers:

Irshad Salim, Islamabad