EXPERTS: Hindu Settlements in Kashmir ‘Titanic Idea’, Will ‘Lead To All Out War’

The video (below) by NY-based Humanity Alive 360, a multi-ethnic diversity-centric advocacy group highlights 120+ days of continuous lockdown and communication blackout as 8m Kashmiris on August 5th descended into “loss of human dignity and honor” with Modi’s ‘reckless’ move.

NAJMA HUSSAIN — Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar has said that the Indian plan to create Hindu settlements in the Kashmir Valley on the style of Israel will be like a suicide attack on regional peace.

“It will become very difficult to avoid war in the region, if the United Nations (UN) and other international institutions do not take notice of this shameful plan of India”, Sarwar tweeted. He also mentioned the same to Latter-day Saint Charity’s delegation led by its Chairman Imran Taj and others, who called on him at the Governor House in Lahore.

Talking to DesPardes, a senior Pakistani defense official said yes indeed it would lead to war.

“India has adopted Israeli approach to handle its domestic, regional and international issues”, he said.

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“They have developed strong lobby within US establishment to influence US policies like Isreal. They are trying to emulate Israeli approach of punitive deterrence to handle regional security threats like they tried to do in Balakot. The approach to handle Kashmir borrows many strands from Israeli handling of Palestinians. The answer is YES (to war)”.

The defense official’s response dovetails Sarwar’s who is the head of state of Punjab — the biggest province of Pakistan and its hinterland.

Sarwar, who is close to PM Khan, and a former British politician with strong links in UK’s South Asian Community — specially Kashmiris — responded after the Pakistani premier tweeted on so-called “Israeli-style settlement plan” for Kashmiris.

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Khan furiously reacted: “Shows the fascist mindset of the Indian govt’s RSS ideology that has continued the siege of IOJK for over 100 days, subjecting Kashmiris to the worst violation of their human rights while the powerful countries remain silent bec(ause) of their trading interests,” Khan tweeted.

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Khan wrote, “The fascist mentality of the RSS-government in India is visible.” The siege in India’s occupied Kashmir has been over 100 days. The human rights of Kashmiri people are being crushed. But the powerful countries of the world are keeping silence due to their business interests.”

Khan and Sarwar commented after India’s consul-general to the city of New York told Kashmiri Pandit community members that the Modi Government will build settlements modeled after Israel as the final solution to rehabilitate Pandit (Hindu) community of Kashmir.

The Punjab governor said India’s Consul General Sundeep Chakarwarti has revealed India’s plan to create Hindu settlements in the Kashmir Valley, which is in not tolerable since it is a plot to turn the Kashmiris’ Muslim-majority status into a minority.

Punjab and Kashmir border Pakistan’s eastern board — the region has been shaken and stirred by PM Narendra Modi’s August 5 move to annex the occupied Kashmir and considered a “reckless move” by many independent observers.

“The Silence is the Loudest Sound”, wrote renowned novelist, writer and columnist Arundhati Roy in The New York Times. German Chancellor Angela Merkel commenting on the situation said, “Not good, not sustainable”.

The idea of so-called “Israeli model” was floated by the Indian official the week Americans went into holiday season with the start of Thanksgiving on Thursday, and as politics for Election 2020 witnessed an uptick and in coming weeks and thru the New Year, the Red and the Blue are expected to go full throttle.

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In all major cities in the US, South Asians (one of the most educated, having an average household income higher than the national average) actively participate in local and national politics. Their voter turn-out have been traditionally higher — next to the Hispanics.

For them, Kashmir is also on the frontburner along with employment and economy issues — regardless of their views and part affiliations.

The “Kashmir Seeks Attention” global campaign (watch video) by a NY-based humanitarian group the same week ‘Israeli model of settlement for Hindus” was floated, published a 3-minute video on the Kashmiris plight and the situation in the pristine occupied Himalayan valley, calling it akin to a “sleep-mode holocaust”.

The video released by Humanity Alive 360, a multi-ethnic diversity-centric advocacy group highlights 120+ days of continuous lockdown and communication blackout as 8m Kashmiris on August 5th descended into “loss of human dignity and honor” –with Modi’s move, it said.

Cause Ambassador Agha Saleh called upon the UN and other international institutions and American thought-leaders to take strict notice of the situation. Gov. Sarwar’s call against the Indian plan and Khan’s reaction, including comments by the region’s one of the most respected media icon Khaled Almaeena raise the bar several notches up.

“I think it’s a dangerous statement and reveals the murderous nature of the regime. Already the Indian forces are using Zionist tactics in Occupied Palestine by shooting pellets and blinding scores of people. Another noticeable feature is the kidnapping of minors, arresting them and creating emotional havoc among Kashmiris,” Almaeena said.

“If India escalates, there could be nuclear war”, Dr. S.M. Ali, a nuclear expert and security analyst had earlier said.

Will the latest “settlement plan” softly mooted out by the Indian official in the world’s most important city on Thanksgiving week be considered an “escalation” if implemented by Modi-led government in Delhi?

“We’re moving toward pre-World War II situation,” the defense official had earlier said.

Editor/Publisher of DesPardes and PKonweb Irshad Salim says, “The (settlement) plan appears to be a Titanic heading toward an iceberg”.