The Great Pyramids and Wireless Electric Energy

The tallest unnatural structure in the world is not a tomb for pharaohs but a huge technological structure built at a unique location: center of the world’s land mass.

No dummies have ever been discovered from Giza pyramid, even though “King’s Chamber” and “Queen’s Chamber” have been declared to exist in them.

So what were the pyramids for? Limitless energy? Suspend your disbelief and take a journey down the rabbit hole:

The Giza pyramid has underground tunnels, channels. The great pyramid is few miles away from the ancient location of the Nile.

Nikola Tesla, who is perhaps the greatest inventor of all timed had a particular infatuation with the pyramids. He believed they served a higher purpose and throughout his career he attempted to unravel their mystery.

His idea has been dismissed and forgotten over the last century but considering that Tesla is directly responsible for 80% of the technology we use today, perhaps we should view his theories with the more open mind.

Wireless Power

The full insightful presentation is available on the YouTube (It has more than 5m views to-date).

And take a look at this video presentation . It’s a must watch –the great pyramids’ electromagnetic field and how s nano sensor and an improved solar cell shaped like a micro pyramid can be built.

More than a century ago (in 1905), the physics genius submitted his US patent 787412 – which was titled the art of transmitting electrical energy through the natural medium. It included designs for a series of worldwide generators.

Tesla believed he could transmit power wirelessly. But what he was trying to tap into might have just scratched the surface of understanding. The power of something much more ancient.

Tesla’s discovery and device disappeared after his mysterious death in 1943.

His device was later referred to as Tesla’s Electromagnetic pyramid based on his design looking like a triangle shape –just like a pyramid.

The physicist had realized that the ionosphere was sparkling with electrical energy which could easily be tapped. Planet Earth according to Tesla, was a gigantic electrical Generator spinning around two magnetic poles from which limitless energy can be harnessed using the right medium or shape.

He went on to build experiment station in Colorado –to match Giza pyramid’s location –latitude and longitude wise. Tesla thought he could transmit wireless electricity over great distances with essentially no loss, even through the Earth itself.

His mysterious lab in Colorado Springs was torn down in 1904. His idea for worldwide wireless power never came to fruition, until now it seems so:

AND THIS: According to Tesla 369 is a key to a universe. He became so obsessed with his 369 that he would drive around a building three times before going inside of it. He cleaned his plates with 18 napkins, lived in hotel rooms only with the number divisible by three. He made calculations about things in their immediate environment just to make sure the result was conceivable by three and he based his choices on the results. He did everything in sets of three.