The Idiots, Tribes People, the Citizen Personalities (Video)

Watch and listen to Dr. Kethoser Kevichusa (of Nagaland, India) discuss how the Greeks looked at the society in general: the idiot, the tribes people, and the citizen personalities.

Dr. Kethoser Kevichusa

“Unfortunately, South Asian tribes people are being ruled by Idiots, and citizens have yet to evolve,” commented Amb. G R Baloch, an analyst and commentator.

“Perhaps, we may be among the first two, and the predominant majority of us may not have climbed the first ladder of civility,” Ishaq Saqi Sahib noted, with the video clip he shared.

Greek philosophers introduced democracy, and its state and the nation emerged as a modern civilization –the West generally followed it with significant degree of success and prosperity.

KETHOSER (ANIU) KEVICHUSA is a speaker and trainer with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries in India. He earned his PhD from the Oxford Center for Mission Studies, UK. He has also pursued theological education first in India, then in the UK, following his undergraduate degree in English Literature. Aniu lives with his wife, Ono, and their three young sons in Nagaland, India.


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