Iman Jodeh, Second Palestinian-American to Enter US Congress

Iman Jodeh has become the second Palestinian-American after Rashida Tlaib to win seat in US Congress after winning today Democratic Party’s seat in the US House of Representatives from Colorado.

“We did it! I ran to make the American dream a reality for everyone. I am a proud Muslim, Palestinian American, first-generation American. And I am proud to be able to represent my communities,” tweeted Jodeh.

Tlaib also won a second term in the House of Representatives from the state of Michigan, reports Palestine Post 24.

Mauree Turner, 27, a Black Muslim who wears a hijab, was elected to the Oklahoma state legislature Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Mauree Turner, a millennial, became the highest-ranking nonbinary official in USA. She will also be the first practicing Muslim elected to the Oklahoma state legislature, which in 2019 blocked an imam from conducting the chamber’s daily prayer.

Turner, 27, a Black Muslim who wears a hijab, is a criminal justice advocate and activist.

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