Kings, Laws, and God

From Wisdom of Crowds: On July 1, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in the case of Trump v. United States, declaring that the President of the United States enjoys total legal immunity for matters related to his core constitutional powers, and “presumptive” immunity for matters peripheral to the core. What does this mean for the republic?

  • The Sky is Falling: Princeton’s Sean Wilentz, revered American historian, calls the Court’s ruling a “historic disgrace.” The Court, he continues, “has radically changed the very structure of American government, paving the way for MAGA authoritarianism just as the Taney Court tried to pave the way for enshrining the Slave Power.”
  • Nothing to see here: Harvard law professor Adrian Vermeule insists that the Court’s decision does not imply that the president is “above the law.” Instead, it merely reflects a long-held view in jurisprudence, that the sovereign is bound by the “directive” power of the law, but not by its “coercive” power.
  • Not too complacent, not too alarmed: Samuel Moynjoined us on the pod to discuss all this and more. Not to brag, but we think it’s probably the best discussion you’re likely to get on the topic.

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