Majority of Americans Disapprove the Way Trump is Handling the Coronavirus Pandemic: Poll

DESPARDES — The latest IPSOS Poll shows 62pct of Adult Americans (18+) say things in the country are off on the wrong track. Among those polled, 55pct disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as President. And 53pct of them disapprove about the way Trump is handling the Coronavirus/COVID-19 issue. Also, 55pct of them disapprove about the way Trump is handling the Healthcare issue.

Trump experienced an upturn in public support as the virus hit the US, and his job approval rating surged to almost the highest rating since he was elected. However, as concerns over the government’s response grow, the number of people who believe the president is doing a good job appears to be settling back to pre-coronavirus levels.

Perhaps more worrying for Trump are his dwindling numbers in a match-up against Joe Biden. CNN found that Biden leads Trump 53% to 42% among registered voters nationwide.

A number of Trump’s advisers and Republican allies are said to be among those unimpressed with his performance at his press briefings, which have become a daily ritual and often last several hours. Axios and the New York Times reported that a series of senior figures have become dismayed at the briefings, which Trump has used to propagate lies and disinformation about his response to the pandemic.

Axios reported that Republicans are worried the rambling performances, along with the White House’s wider response to the coronavirus, could harm Trump’s re-election chances.

“The next 4-8 weeks is really going to decide whether Trump gets re-elected,” Stephen Moore, a former Trump nominee for Federal Reserve, told Axios.

The plummeting economy and concerns over coronavirus could eventually spell bad news for Trump’s approval ratings, CNN reports.

The CNN Poll of Polls is an average of the five most recent non-partisan, live operator, national surveys on each topic.