Nine Countries United Against China 120 Years Ago. They’ve Come Together Again.

A few days back, the G7 coalition turned its guns on China and its Chinese allies with Bring Back the Better World (B3W)” global initiative and with $40 trillion has “agreed to strengthen anti-China infrastructure,” says a diplomatic source in Islamabad.

“A new Cold War has begun in the world, and Pakistan will definitely be affected,” he says.

“As China’s close ally and strategic partner, Pakistan will face a difficult situation in the future,” says the source.

According to him, the siege of China by the U.S. and India faces bigger obstacles from Pakistan and Russia.

The G7 meet has decided to launch B3W “in response to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the source tells DesPardes. The multibillion dollar Pakistan China Economic Corridor (CPEC) is BRI’s flagship project connecting the MENA to China through Gwadar in Balochistan –the route is almost one-sixth of the traditional shipping route China uses for oil and trade –from Strait of Hormuz through the Strait of Malacca.

“Old imperialism emerges in a new form with the onset of U.S.-led siege (again) against China,” says the source while commenting on the G7 meet.

According to him, “in 1901, the United States of America, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, and France formed an undeclared alliance to counter China’s Boxer Movement against Westernization and missionaryism”.

“The undeclared alliance also included Italian, Austro-Hungarian and Russian forces.”

“The armies of these nine countries fought an undeclared military war against China”, the source added.

“It’s an old wine in a new bottle with some added plus,” says an Asia-Pacific based analyst –he is completing his latest book which includes how these powers devastated China since 1839-40.

“I have just submitted chapters 1-5 of a 7-chapter manuscript to my publisher narrating how these powers devastated China since 1839-40. Such a revealing photograph. Pity I don’t have the right to use it in my new book!”

The G7 countries meet was held in the United Kingdom –“after the Quad Alliance meeting held earlier,” said the source. “The United States, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Australia attended the meeting…India was specially invited…(and) along with India, South Korea, South Africa and Taiwan were also specially involved.”

“Wi-Fi and the Internet were shut down to keep some of the sessions secret.”

The source expects barriers will be created for China’s allies in various forums, such as the FATF, IMF and other international forums…(they) “will also be used against these countries”.

“Pakistan, Russia, Iran and North Korea will face pressure from G7 countries on closer ties with China”, he adds.

“Also in 1901, an alliance was formed for the protection of Western interests and against the Chinese Boxer movement…this alliance included the G7 countries”.

Commenting on the B3W initiative and G7 leaders looking to take on China with rival to the BRI initiative, Khaled Almaeena, a Saudi Political and Media analyst said, There is enough division in this world and no room for further rifts. Its important that world leaders look at the crucial importance of a joint plan to alleviate the sufferings of people across the globe as our problems are common and they have no borders”.

He says leaders in the G7 should rise to the occasion and look forward. “On its part China should exhibit transparency and assure others that its aim is to enhance economic activity rather than hegemony,” Almaeena added.