OIC: Oh I See

Years back I came up with one: MKBKBK (Mil Ke Baith Ke Baat Karte Hain — meaning let’s meet and discuss).

OSCAR TANGO (Irshad Salim) — OIC was used worldwide as an abbreviation for the Organization of Islamic Countries formed to represent the Muslim Ummah (community) as a block. But it wasn’t clear to me who was or were the other team to play football (soccer) with is or was. At best, I inferred that OIC stood to goal Israel, but over the years on hindsight, I realize the goalpost have been shifting (or shifted) with the team running out of steam. The referee (Harvey the Rabbit or many) kept blowing the whistle on the time and place of his choosing. Until the dawn of this realization came close to home this year:

India, a non-Islamic country was inducted in, and Pakistan, already a member of the outfit — being an Islamic country, was given a pat down diplomatically though. And perception is 99 percent reality.

Led by no other than Saudi Arabia and John Hancocked by the UAE — almost as always — the two petrodollar rich Kingdom/Emirates made silence their loudest sound — to quote Roy — (silence implies consent, as per Plato), when led by PM Narendra Modi, the Indian establishment unleashed a Great Escape style mov(i)e from ground realities and sang a swan song — the world hasn’t bothered to hone in a SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) on the what’s going on there — unless they all know it — and the community of the silent includes unfortunately OIC.

Chill factor of the winter breeze blowing south from the Himalayan valley makes the global silence surreal as were the loudest sounds in Nazi concentration camps.

A sleep-mode holocaust is in the making: probably it would become a best-seller script for the Hollywood in years ahead and churn out millions at the box office.

Now is the world of WhatsApp and Twitter — and things are telegraphic for me too: emojis express all kinds of emotions characterizing bouquets and brickbats. A no response means ‘no comment’ or ‘who cares’, and an OIC means ‘Oh I See’ — the best I like though is OMG (Oh My God).

Years back I came up with one: MKBKBK (Mil ke Baith Ke Baat Karte Hain — meaning let’s meet and discuss).

That happened: Saudi Foreign Minister was in Islamabad last week and reportedly agreed to hold OIC meet on Jammu & Kashmir.

Talking to Harvey the Rabbit (I call him Tango with his permission who by the way (BTW) agreed I could call myself Oscar)), we kinda discussed the way forward. Even though it was Sunday when I normally don’t wear my thinking hat, Tango WhatsApped me with mixed emotions ad seriatum:

  1. OIC was hijacked by its own founders; the Arabs.
  2. Though it was created to further the cause of oppressed Muslims, but it has been used by Arab countries for their regime and dynasty survival for long.
  3. OIC was dead since long, it was only waiting for an alternative power in Muslim world to emerge, which took long to come by. With political and economic rise of Turkey and Malaysia and Pakistan getting a strong voice in the shape of Imran Khan, Malaysia’s Mahathir and Turkey’s Erdogan thought they can create an alternative political platform for the oppressed Muslims. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s present economic vulnerabilities did not allow it to participate in the Kuala Lumpur Summit, but it’s only temporary.
  4. With public opinion on Arab streets becoming vocal/violent, Arab Sheikhs are scared to their bones( deadly street protests in Iraq are a litmus, even sectarian glue could not save Iranian consulates).
  5. Arabs have already killed the Arab League and the GCC, and the OIC is the latest casualty. A watershed moment in contemporary Muslim History, baton of Muslim leadership is about to pass on from Arab Capitals to Non-Arab capitals.
  6. Pakistan holds the key, should we be able to mange its internal front and economy.
  7. Momentarily, Pakistan can encash its casting position for resource mobilization ($ in WhatsApp text but not necessarily “Dollars”).

I know where you’re coming from Tango. Muslim Ummah” could be construed as “Mind You” on WhatsApp. How about “Community of Peace” (COP) instead?

MKBKBK works. Weapons of Mass Dissing (WMDs) were laid down. Going forward we can still tango with OIC though for sure.

Your no response to “Community of Peace” (COP) instead of “Muslim Ummah” to me means “no comment” or “who cares”. Either way it would mean OIC (Oh I See) to me. So please respond (PR). Will ping you again. TTYL (Talk To You Later).

HCO (Here Comes One) response: No good (NG). It’s (COP) apologetic. MU is better.

K (Okay), with due apology to all (WDAA).