‘Pappu Yar Tang Na Kar’ in USA (Video)

Pakistani truck artist, Haider Ali, painting George Floyd. This style of painting adorns many trucks and buses on the highways of Pakistan.

UPDATED: This Truck Art from Pakistan landing in Tennessee (this time) dovetails earlier such outings and public exhibits in the tri-state. It may be catching up, specially in states like Texas also where pickup trucks are a smooth ride across country roads and highways.

The clip maker is unknown, however, the art isn’t, and the catchphrase “Pappu Yar Tang Na Kar” (Hey kid, don’t bother me please) as well as the “Chashme Baddhhoor” (Keep your black eye away) painted on the truck. The two phrases together make a non-alcoholic champagne of subtle messaging painted on trucks and auto rickshaws in Pakistan since decades — there are no emoticons for these two yet.

Truck Art in USA

It would be a pandemic though in South Asia. Creative brains south of the Atlantic could do it. Hope to see such emojis for: “Pappu Yar Tang Na Kar” and “Chashme Baddhhoor”. And more.

They are priceless though even in the age of a new language emerging: emojis aka emoticons. Here’s Shireen Khan’s take on some emojis, when asked to translate a sentence made out of emojis:


She got it right.

Having the two new emojis could help public diplomacy and subliminal marketing south to north and back in a round robbin trip.

Special thanks to the videoclip maker. Suggest he/she upload it on the YouTube and or Instagram, and share link with us also. Will replace with acknowledgement.

It’s a powerful smiley (public outreach language) to exchange.

NOTE: In one of the Islamabad’s WhatsApp Forum “Back2School” workshops, some young minds are working on converting key Urdu sentences into a string of emojis — Urdu language is majorly spoken in South Asia just as truck art is and going global with this: “Pappu Yar Tang Na Kar”.

Video shared with us by Arif Usmani of New Jersey.