PICS SPEAK: Saba Qamar and Melania Trump in Vanilla, Move Over Black

DESPARDES — Saba Qamar’s and Melania Trump’s newsy pictures appeared on the world wide web almost on the same day. Predictable Google took as usual less than a few seconds to present them to us.

The Baaghi star’s and Melania’s power pics captured our imagination –with nostalgia though– they evoked memories of avant garde artist Bashir Mirza’s the ‘Lonely Girl’ series in the 70s.

It’s been decades since then. But the grammar BM’s work used seamlessly transcends the boundary between then and now– a global village.

Qamar’s ‘lonely girl’ aura beats artificial intelligence. Coincidentally, few thousand miles (crow flight) northwest of us, Melania Trump beat our pinheads too with the kinda same look, feel and etc’s.

Glamour, power and publicity resonate with colons of ‘stand-alone’ persona– similar as in BM’s.

Stunning, jaw-breaking, but– wait a minute– a deep look still their ice cream moment with click. Being a fashion signature in their own parts of the world (and in the global village), a hit and miss of coolness and confidence in both stroke their pics creating the perception that making it to the top is not that bad in the lonely world of power, prestige and money.

It’s an added plus for those who look up to both or either of them. Fashion does it.

The good part is BM’s iconic ‘Lonely Girl’ takeaway pails into the sunset in front of these pics. Why so? Such pics then would probably have been a miss– BM’s LG series was considered by many a wardrobe malfunction series. It’s 2019 now and a hit with Baaghi and G7 summit followers– Putin, Modi and Zarif notwithstanding!

Move over Black. Vanilla is the color.

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