WATCH: ‘Raw Talent With Reasonable Speed’ Gets a Yesss From Rashid Latif

PKONWEB Report — Rashid Latif Tuesday on social media shared video clip of a ‘raw talent with reasonable speed’ stumping the wicket. Drawing attention of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) towards the rookie, Latif hinted at checking the fast bowler out who seemed to impress the former Pakistan captain with his unbelievable pace.

The undated video clip shared by the former wicket-keeper batsman shows an unnamed left handed paceman Frisbeeing the stumps during a tape ball cricket match with extraordinary pace .

“Raw Talent with reasonable speed @TheRealPCB (Tape Ball cricket ),” Latif wrote.

Pakistan has produced some of world’s greatest fast bowlers: Imran Khan , Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis  stand out among the many.

Shoib Akhtar, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir were also among the corp of Pakistani fast bowlers who instilled fear in the minds of batsmen.

Indian great Kapil Dev once said the reason Pakistan continues to produce great fast bowlers is the role models that young fast bowlers find in Imran Khan and other Pakistani bowlers.

“True”, says many cricket enthusiasts.