Rents Are Rising Everywhere in U.S. and in Australia

Rents continue to rise at the fastest pace in decades, making housing costlier than ever for many Americans. Here’s how rent has changed in 1,500 counties across the United States since the start of the pandemic. Look up your county:

Inflation is at a 40-year high. But rising rents are a part of that calculation. The median rent for Las Vegas has risen $775 since last year, making it one of many cities experiencing rent inflation. In many places around the country, rents have been climbing for months, far above the lows of the pandemic. And it’s not only happening in the largest cities. PBS’ community correspondents in New Orleans, Fresno, California and St. Louis have the story:

Says Front Pages Today, “Landlords Say Rising Costs Are Driving Rents Up. Are rising costs making Boise-area landlords raise rents? Or are they just greedy?”

Domain data shows Australian rents increasing at fastest pace in 13 years in March 2022, a comment on Twitter said.