Rockets Fall on Iraqi Base Where U.S. Troops are Housed for 2nd Time in Week

No one claimed responsibility for the attack: VOA News

On Wednesday Iraqi Security Forces found a pickup truck rigged with a rocket launcher in its bed a few miles away from Camp Taji. Photo courtesy of Iraqi Security Media Cell/Twitter

Dozens of rockets fell on an Iraqi military base hosting coalition troops Saturday, the second such attack in less than a week, U.S. military officials said.

The attack happened just before 11 a.m. at Camp Taji, north of Baghdad, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Col. Myles Caggins III said.

He said three coalition service members and two Iraqi service members were injured in the attack.

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Iraq’s Joint Operation Command said 33 Katyusha hit the base and another 24 didn’t fire. Iraqi forces discovered seven rocket launchers in a garage north of Baghdad.

“The Joint Operations Command confirmed that it will take all measures to prosecute and arrest those who carried out the attack. The JOC-I has made it clear that Iraq’s security cannot be interfered with,” the Iraqi statement said.

Iraqi officials called on U.S. forces not to take action in response to the attack without Iraqi approval first.

Baghdad criticized the U.S. military for launching airstrikes Friday in response to Wednesday’s attack at Camp Taji. The U.S. strikes killed at least one civilian and five security personnel.

The U.S. strikes threaten to damage relations between the Iraqi and U.S. militaries, particularly in their fight against the Islamic State.

“The repeated violations the state is being subjected to are a dangerous and deliberate weakening of its abilities especially at a time when Iraq faces unprecedented challenges on political, economic, financial, security, and health fronts,” Iraqi President Barham Salih said Friday.

The Wednesday attack killed one British and two American service members. Pentagon officials blamed Iranian-backed Shiite militias.