The Shocking Prophecies by Alois Irlmaier (Video)

While many self-appointed fortune tellers have always been suspected of being nothing more than brazen fraudsters, Alois Irlmaier’s case is completely different. Many of the predictions made by the clairvoyant from Bavaria actually came true -which saved quite a few lives. This video shows which prophecies of Irlmaier’s came true and which ones may one day come true. Example: the fortune-teller’s prophecy on climate change and its drastic consequences as early as 1949; of the great upheaval that is to come -‘first comes prosperity like never before, this is followed by an apostasy like never before followed by unprecedented corruption of morals, and money will lose its value…eventually a major war will erupt between the west and the east…’

Who knows what the future will bring? No matter what goals we set ourselves, and what plans we make, only time can tell how life will turn out in reality. Man proposes God disposes.