State-run Gas Utility Unable to Find ‘Qualified Professional’ to Fill Top Slot

DESPARDES — State-run public utility Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGCL) has failed to attract competent professionals who meet the criteria and standards for becoming its permanent managing director.

SSGCL and the Sui Northern Gas (SNGPL) are the two state-run gas utilities that distribute gas countrywide, manage its local demand/supply chain and operate infrastructure.

None of the nine candidates including the current acting managing director of SSGC — who were shortlisted — met the requirements.

They were required to secure 75 marks to qualify to become the SSGC head.

However, the candidates got only 45 to 50 marks.

The Petroleum Division has reportedly asked SSGC to start afresh the process. Now, a new advertisement would be published to seek application from prospective candidates.

Citing officials, the Express Tribune reported that “fear of NAB is keeping highly qualified professionals away” from being part of the state-run companies.

The officials did not elaborate A) who these “highly qualified professionals” were that stayed away from the process, B) nor they said why those who were shortlisted failed to achieve the required marks.

At present, four former managing directors of SSGC are facing NAB inquiries in relation to some mega projects undertaken by the outfit — directly or indirectly — during the previous governments of PML-N and PPP.

An inquiry is the first phase of NAB’s 10-month cycle. An inquiry could or may not lead to investigation further, and or reference later.

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