Tariq Ali on Ukraine Nato Expansion (Video)

Democracy Now on March 9 spoke with writer and activist Tariq Ali in London, about Russia’s invasion, NATO expansion into Eastern Europe and & how Putin’s moves galvanized a Russian peace movement. “Further escalation, further armaments, pouring in weapons is going to make conditions worse, principally for people of Ukraine,” says Ali.

A geopolitical analyst and observer based in Asia-Pacific shares his views with DesPardes.com on Ukraine, Nato, U.S. and Russia calculus:

“Having failed to force Russia to accept NATO’s post-Soviet expansion- notwithstanding President Bush’s pledge that NATO would not move “one inch” from its “Zone” even after East Germany reunited with the West (Federal Republic) Germany – a pledge conveyed by Secretary of State James Baker to Mikhail Gorbachev on 9th Feb’1990, and recorded in Baker’s official letter to West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl on 10th Feb’1990 – the USA has proclaimed plans to bleed Russia white using Ukraine as the tool.
So, with billions of dollars worth of US/NATO arms reaching Kyiv, there is little prospect for peace.
President Biden has just upped the ante by asking Congress for another $33bn worth of military aid for Ukraine.
So, Kyiv cannot now initiate peace talks when so much aid is arriving in a hurry.
The only way then for peace to break out is for Russia to surrender to the USA or for Russia to remove Putin and replace him with a leader who will obey US dictate.
It is possible – but seems unlikely until Russia bleeds so much that the Kremlin’s Siloviki security establishment pushes Putin to concede or resign.
Putin himself might use the 9th May anniversary of victory against Nazi Germany to declare victory in eastern and southern Ukraine, and initiate a standstill status quo. But will the USA accept that? Methinks not.
Washington will now push for regime change in Russia.
A long hot summer awaits.”