The Hunt for the Man Behind the World’s Most Popular 3D-printed Gun

He almost adopted this persona of an American revolutionary that was standing up against tyrannical gun control laws and that’s why he developed the FGC-9.

Gemma Ware at The Conversation: 3D-printed guns are appearing the world over, including in the hands of organised criminals in Europe and anti-junta rebels in Myanmar. Made using a 3D printer and a few metal parts that can be easily sourced online, these shadow guJulian Assangens are untraceable, and becoming a popular choice for extremists too.  In this episode of The Conversation Weekly podcast, we talk to researcher Rajan Basra about his hunt to uncover the real identity of the man who designed the world’s most popular 3D-printed gun, the FGC-9.

For decades journalism has been losing credibility with the public. “Only 32% of Americans report having ‘a great deal’ or ‘fair amount’ of trust in news reporting – a historical low,” writes journalism scholar Jacob Nelson. But in a study, Nelson and two colleagues discovered something unexpected: “We found that people’s distrust of journalism does not stem from fears of ideological brainwashing,” he writes. Instead, they found that the public believes the news industry “values profits above truth or public service.”

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