These Three Video Clips Say We Can ‘Just Do It’

PKONWEB Report – These three remarkable video clips speak volume about us.

The first video clip (below) depicts how neighborhood bonhomie can lead to improvements in a residential street- if we really want to. Rather than wait for things to happen or throw it to a larger community to serve our needs, we could make a beginning ourselves.

A side lane off a service road in Shahra-e-Fiasel Karachi- the country’s economic powerhouse, has been prepped up and upkept by homeowners purely self-help basis. No politics nor economy involved!

This second videoclip (below) shows our uniformed law enforcement men caring about the citizenry in Karachi- the metropolis has been witnessing scorching heat. Typically, ordinary citizens step up. This initiative made a difference we are told. For a mega city that Karachi is, the welcome change sans politics and turf war is a breeze.

Lastly, the video clip (below) is somewhat self-explanatory. She’s “Razia” (the girl next door type) who needs a helping hand (angel investors) to launch a startup in our opinion. Many Razias strut the street in self-esteem to make a living. Read more here: ‘Razia’ Needs a Startup: Her Net Worth’s Rs60B, But She Doesn’t Know

So, moving on, if any or some of us can step up and help, it would make a difference: The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself. Think about it.