These TWO VIDEOS Add Up to a Developing ‘Situation’ in India

Speaking to DesPardes, a Pakistan-India affairs analyst said, “the outcome will define the character of Union of India”.

DESPARDES — As the lockdown of Kashmir enters 144th day, India appears to be slipping into a new world of disorder as countrywide protests to the recently announced Citizenship Law and the National Register of Citizens engulf the largest hitherto secular democracy.

These two videos below seem to add up the situation — with the second one showing preparation for counter-steps by extreme right wing RSS which supports PM Modi’s moves to create a Hindu-first nation.

Huffingtonpost reported that police in Uttar Pradesh detained at least 100 protesters, at least 21 of them children. These minors were reportedly tortured for 48 hours over CAA protests.

While condemning the alleged police brutalities in the BJP-ruled UP, civil society groups, political leaders and activists on Tuesday quoted sources to say that as many as 27 persons including an 8-year-child were killed in police firings on CAA protesters and related incidents in the state alone.

Several observers echo what German Chancellor Angela Merkel said about Kashmir during her visit this fall to Delhi: “The situation is not so good. Not sustainable”.

They say Merkel’s statement now holds good for major part of India alongwith Kashmir crisis and the Citizenship related reforms announced by Modi’s government.

The amendment approved to the Citizenship Law allows illegals and undocumented individuals from neighboring countries to be registered except for those who are Muslims.

Speaking to DesPardes, a Pakistan-India affairs analyst said, “the outcome will define the charactr of Union of India”.

Independent observers call it contentious and discriminatory.

Jinnah’s ‘Two-Nation Theory’ has been vindicated, said Pak Army Chief Gen. Bajwa on Wednesday.

Caravan Daily adds: Quoting different sources, the UAE-based online news portal said at least 27 people have been killed so far, most of them due to police gunshots, in the state alone.

Videos and other evidenced showed the police indulged in vandalism and used indiscriminate violence against peaceful protesters.

Demanding an end to state repression, police violence and targeting of people’s organizations in the state, the activists said several reports from Muslim-dominated localities about police atrocities such as obstructing peaceful protests, vandalizing houses, shops, offices and mosques, damaging vehicles, firing at innocent people, unleashing violence against the masses and falsely implicating them in criminal cases came in.

“An atmosphere of terror and fear is being created by the Yogi Adithyanath government with the ulterior motive of crushing the agitations and taking revenge on the minorities”, they said.

“The BJP government is using the current situation as an opportunity to suppress all voices of dissent and people’s initiatives that are against the divisive agenda of the Sangh Parivar. Social activists, journalists, advocates and community leaders were being rounded up and harassed in different places, booked for serious offenses under sections of the National Security Act and anti-terror law,” they alleged.