‘This is the Parliamentary System that Pakistani Politicians Want to Follow’ (Video)

Trump dumped. Khan dumped. Boris dumped. Who’s next…or who are next? A feature of a working constitution is that repugnant things can be spat out by the body politic -as in the case of Boris Johnson. But somewhere it doesn’t happen so.

Mr. Jawaid, a Pakistani professional who shared this video clip -a Telegraph opinion piece on on Boris Johnson says, “This is the Parliamentary system that Pakistani politicians want to follow.”

“Faces switch, and repugnant things remain within the body politic in Pakistan -it’s a merry-go-round of groupthink which enables and facilitates such…been doing so for decades,” a political analyst says while weighing in presidential form he says is needed in Pakistan.

Pipe dream, an activist says.


The region has been a feudal collection of kingdoms in other guises…the Sri Lankan dynasty is just one among several across South Asia, a Asia Pacific-based British author (of Bangladesh descent) who is written several books on the region tells despardes.com.

Irshad Salim, Karachi