The Toys We Loved in the 1980s


Legend has it that the toy emerged in the 1940s when an American naval engineer accidentally dropped a twisted spring on the floor. He found the effect curious and decided to turn it into a toy. To this day, the ‘walking spring’ is an item that can be found in several stores.

Rubik’s Cube

This 3D puzzle entered the market in 1980 and became an instant craze. To this day, children and adults try to get all the same colors together as fast as possible.


Like the Odyssey, Atari is considered the beginning of today’s video games. With a joystick and a single button, it was a hit for both children and adults at the time.

G.I. Joe

In the 1960s, G.I. Joe was introduced as a boys’ alternative to Barbie. The action doll had neat details and a huge variety of characters and accessories. In the 1980s, it got new life thanks to a cartoon series about the character. More here.

And now (2020s)!