Trump’s Punishing Diet ‘Self-Destructive’, Worrisome: Psychiatrist

DESPARDES — FOXNEWS poll says Joe Biden (D) leads nomination race, tops Trump (R) by 12 points in matchup, and if Hillary Clinton entered the presidential race today, she would essentially be vying to be the frontrunner: Biden is said to be in dead heat — with Hillary, according to a shock poll. If Trump faces off Hillary, it would be a de ja vu albeit stress.

Now this: Trump was welcomed into Madison Square Garden on Saturday night with massive booing from the crowd. Trump, who was also met with some cheers, was at the arena to watch the main fight of UFC 244 in New York.

It was the second time in six days the president has been heavily booed during a public appearance. 


All these for a man on the street would add up to lots of stress. Not for President Trump really, some observers say– notwithstanding his eating habits, which they shrug off as irrelevant.

However, according to Dr. Bandy Lee, Trump’s consumption of “some of the worst-quality foods” is worrisome.

The renowned Yale forensic psychiatrist and author of the New York Times bestseller “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” says the president’s diet is “as unsuitable as can be for either maintaining his own immediate or long-term health or being an example to those who look to the presidency for guidance.”

Trump’s well-documented eating habits are far from what a nutritionist would deem ideal. The most powerful man in the world often skips breakfast. When he does eat the most important meal of the day, he opts for bacon, McDonald’s Egg McMuffins or “made in the USA” cereals high in sugar.

When Trump visits McDonald’s for lunch or dinner, his go-to order for one meal ⁠— two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish and a chocolate shake ⁠— clocks in at 2,390 calories. He might chase that with up to 12 Diet Cokes a day. The president’s love of the iconic American fast-food chain is reportedly motivated at least in part by a fear of being poisoned. That’s just one quirk in a highly quirky diet.

Sometimes Trump goes for stretches of up to 16 hours without eating. He prefers his steak “so well done” that “it would rock on the plate.” He eats two common finger foods — fried chicken and pizza — with a fork. He is rumored to think Ore-Ida fries are “perfect.” And you better believe that he gets two scoops of ice cream for dessert, while dinner guests get just one.

How does this diet, which consists of copious amounts of artificial sweeteners, and red and processed meats, impact both his current and long-term mental health? Would he see a positive impact if he switched to the balanced diet advocated for by former first lady Michelle Obama in her “Let’s Move“ campaign?