‘Turkey Has Potential to Become a Reasonable Power’

In our latest report on Turkey, “What do the Turks wants?”, we published some comments from few regional observers. Here’s another one (video below) on Turkey’s potential and possibilities of becoming or not becoming a power.

Turkey is neither superpower nor regional power, “but having said that, it has the potential and all the right ingredients to become a reasonable power,” says the observer.

According to reports, a nationalist bent at home and provocations abroad have frayed ties with Europe, and maybe soon the US, too.

Turkey could expect more pushback from a Biden administration, which would be instinctively multilateralist and more willing to rebuff Ankara’s unilateralist foreign policies, says a report.

“As vice president, Biden experienced Erdogan’s leadership style, including being snubbed by President Trump when he visited Turkey in 2016. But in a tweet last year, Biden criticized Trump’s kid-glove approach to Turkish intervention in Syria. If tweets are any indication of political intent – and these days they appear to be the preferred means to announce policy – then Turkey may find its regional ambitions harder to realize if there is a change of attitude towards alliance unity from a new administration in Washington”.