WATCH These 5 Videos (Editor’s Pick This Week)

DESPARDES + PKONWEB (May 19, 2019) – Great video clips (below)- extracted from the windy side of social media’s jetsam and flotsam this week. Amid the cacophony and the “he said, she said” of pretensioned tweets on Middle Eastern (to name one) and on PM Khan’s “strategic restraint” (to name another LOL), human imagination and imagineering also found traction- we’re also a human civilization after all but south of the Tropic of Cancer.

Modi lookalike is making waves as polls in India get closer to the end, and real Modi meditates. The world never sleeps (now)- its a (virtual) global village and (almost) fully wired.

Do you like rain? These gorillas certainly don’t. But we do. So we differ. No? And it’s not personal or a ‘dollar devaluation’ OMG. Other gorillas may like the rain just as many other than us don’t. So should we tweet this opinion divide and let it morph into a “- – – Spring?” LOL :))

Do you like rain? These gorillas certainly don’t. But we do. See, we differ, dissent, but don’t get us wrong, it’s nothing personal nor a ‘d or die’ matter.

This Nigerian child prodigy is practicing the art of imagineering just as the woman is being creative. Don’t listen to others though, try something to invoke the best in you- not the worst. We all are creative, some don’t know or forget that they (and we all) really are just as we learnt to walk on our own (baby walk). We fell 50+ times and then made it.

12-year-old Kareem Waris is one of Nigeria’s youngest hyper-realist artists – and he’s about to go international.

And this viral video shows a woman running like a horse. It’s terrifying some would say. We think it’s Okay. Shows creativity, imagination. Found it on Twitter and downloaded the clip from the YouTube.

Ayla Kirstine of Salt Lake City, Utah, jumps over a wooden pallet in this Instagram video.

And here’s this one of several rational ways to grow, move one. We have a youth bulge, meaning their adrenaline level is generally high! (LOL). So look at it. Makes sense to us: Raheem Sterlings message to his 15 year old is our pick. Manchester City and England winger Raheem Sterling says if he could write an Instagram post to his 15-year-old self he would tell him not to take the opinions of others so much to heart. The 24-year-old plays for City.

Be yourself. Don’t listen to anybody’: Sterling’s message to his 15-year-old self

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