Why Majority of Hindu Indian Americans Approve of Modi’s Performance

“In a first, Modi’s Hindutva rings a bell among Hindus who have been for decades carrying a latent urge for an alternative dose as secularism did not really deliver socio-economic well being. This urge was mobilized by the RSS and brought on the national platform by Modi who used it to become a kind of a hero. Thereafter, the phenomenon is driven by a psy op for purposes of creating a Frankenstein monster to counter the rise of China on India’s north and Pakistan on its west. Some powers I see would like to see India as an ideological and strategic counter to China’s rise. It’s becoming increasingly difficult though to overlook India’s fast-declining democratic standards. In my view, President Joe Biden is looking at India and not Modi with his Hindutva baggage and non-democratic indiscretions.”: A social scientist of India origin based in USA.

“There is a wide appeal due to a rising sense of false nationalism. They see Modi as a movement…a revival of Hindu supremacy..This stems from inferiority complex…India as one entity did not exist before 1947…Modi is promising them great status in world affairs. However, as a well wisher of India, I can state this false buoyancy will drag India to disaster.”: A Gulf analyst.

“Congress and its secularism mantra failed to deliver our hopes and aspirations. And we all are mostly Hindus. So we find linkages in Modi Sahib’s Hindutva doctrine. So we are supportive of Modi. Let’s see.” An Indian expat based in USA.

“Indian expats have taken much pride in the way the USA, anxious to build leverage against China, have cultivated their home country in recent years. While it began during Vajapyee and Manmohan Singh govts, Modi took it to a new high, first with Obama (Chaye pe charcha), and notably, with Trump (Howdy Modi!). As India has grown in US estimation, Indians in the USA have made contributions in the form of the Congressional India Caucus. The India-USA-Israel network and India’s vital role in the Quad and the US Indo-Pacific Strategy have forged a dialectic dynamic that suggests Modi has brought pride among Hindu and Jain expatriates. Muslim Indians, at home or overseas, hold a different view of Modi, but in RSS India, they matter little.”: A South Asia and US-China expert based in Asia-Pacific.

“Identity crisis is common among all migrants. It’s the same case as we the Muslims want to bring khilafat here. My experience here with migrants professionals is seeing them as part of a study circle among themselves and in multifaith groups trying to revive themselves and affiliate with political or religious parties to play their part as now they got themselves financially secured. Here in UK you will find hard core supporters of Nawaz and Peoples Party justifying all that they did so I’m not surprised and quiet happy to see Indians going that route because the West will find it difficult to associate with Modi’s India for long.”: A British entrepreneur/professional of Pakistan origin based in London.

“Indians have been radicalized, specially NRIs. There are reports from these countries and the donations BJP got from NRIs are being quoted.”: A Foreign Affairs observer based in Karachi.