‘Woman’ By Aziz Ahmed: A Poem on Women’s Day 2021

A baby senses a being
As soon as senses allow

And Mother is there
Cuddling & loving & feeding & caring

Growing up one feels others around
The world with its colors & sound abound

Father loud & caring is there too
Coming & going he’s always making large sounds

At some time siblings also come into life
Sis at one time caring and then being naughty is around

Bro is also there fretting and frowning
Like trying to assert around

Life goes on and the baby girl grows up
Into a life which is becoming patriarchal and sometimes harsh

School time is dominated by headmaster with loud voice & cane

Boys wanting to become friends
Are always being superior & haughty

Then one day a loving one comes along
And the girl goes into another phase of life

With the Mother holding hand and the father leading
With siblings & friends following

The girl marches to another home with her betrothed on his loving arms

Suddenly the girl is now a Woman with her Man
Lover for her & Husband for everyone else

Life goes and as she builds a Home

And in times have her own family
With Daughters & Sons

And a Man who started as a cuddly bear
and is now a Husband to take care

And as Life goes on, and Sons start taking over
The daughters start leaving for their new Homes
That is the Life of a Woman

BUT now she realizes that She has to Rise
Not for herself but for her Mother, Daughters & friends

She proclaims : My Life for Myself
Not only for my Father, Lover & Sons
But also for my Mother, Daughters & Friends

“This is a tribute from me to the Women in my Life : My Mother, My Loving Wife & Daughter and all the Women in this World”.

On Women’s Day – 8th March 2021