10 Flowers Which Boost Your Mood, Bloom a Smile

Smelling flowers is a proven natural remedy to release endorphins and reduce mental strain. Each bloom has the power to result in instant gratification. You may notice this brightening physiological effect when you receive a bouquet; the colors and scents have the power to instantly perk you up.

A team of researchers explored this phenomenon in a 10-month study examining the relationship between flowers and life satisfaction. They found that participants experienced an immediate boost in happiness (measured by expressions of delight and excitement) upon receiving flowers.

Additionally, the participants reported long-term effects of feeling less depressed, agitated and anxious after they were gifted the blooms. These wonderful creations can make life feel a little less difficult!

It’s also known that being in nature has long-term positive effects on your body, mind and spirit. Although it’s challenging to seek these benefits when our lives are busy with family and work, a solution is to bring fresh flowers into your home and workplace.

Research shows the presence of plants will encourage high-quality work and a clear state of mind –some flowers influence your sleep, while others affect your atmosphere or air quality.

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