$4 Billion Irregularities Detected in 41 Pindi Housing Projects

PKONWEB Report – Massive irregularities have been found in 41 private housing schemes of Rawalpindi, according to a report prepared by the auditor-general of Pakistan (AGP).

The damning report uncovered irregularities of almost $4 billion, according to Samaa TV.

Carried out by the country’s federal’s audit agency, the report states that a loss of more than $2.14 billion to the national exchequer took place due to illegal construction of buildings by these housing schemes.

Bahria Town was identified as one of the three dozen and more housing projects in the garrison city which exceeded regulatory thresholds.

The development comes as a major international property investment company announced plans to invest 500 million pounds in Pakistan’s real estate sector. After Islamabad, the London-based Daniel Johns Group will also venture into real estate development in Lahore and Gwadar and introduce its successful worldwide premium food franchise business across the country by the end of next year, says a press release issued in April.

The British-headquartered group has launched its Ce-La-Vi development in capital Islamabad, promising to build iconic and first-class luxury apartments, penthouses and commercial shops.

The capital is considered a prime locale for the upscale and overseas Pakistanis.

According to the audit report, construction has been illegally carried out on 3,026 kanal of prime land instead of the allotted 648 kanal, the report states.

The illegal approval of these housing projects has caused a loss of $1.49 billion, it says, adding that the housing projects have been given non-residential areas. These schemes have illegally encroached upon land meant for public spaces, graveyards and parks, the report said.

Earlier in September 2018, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) declared six housing schemes illegal and directed owners of the schemes to stop advertisement and development. Notices were issued to CPEC Resort, Abdullah City, Khanial Homes, Bin Alam City, extension of the Capital Smart City and the Blue World City.

Following housing projects were recently audited by AGP which found irregularities:It identified them as:

  1. Faisal Town Housing Scheme
  2. Commoners Sky Garden
  3. Northern Area Resident Cooperative Housing Society
  4. Pakistan Overseas Housing Scheme
  5. Fizaia Housing Scheme
  6. T&T Housing Society
  7. Railway Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  8. Bostan Avenue Housing Society
  9. Ternol Housing Society
  10. Khudad City Housing Society
  11. Top City Housing Society
  12. Clifton Town
  13. Bahria Town Phase VIII
  14. Foreign Office Employees Housing Scheme
  15. Municipal Corporation Housing Scheme
  16. Safari Villas I Housing Scheme
  17. Doctor’s Town
  18. Central Board of Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme
  19. Sonobar City Housing Scheme
  20. PIA Housing Scheme
  21. PARC Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme
  22. Safari Villa II Housing Scheme
  23. Kehkashan Town
  24. Garden Villas Housing Scheme
  25. Bahria Paradise Housing Scheme
  26. Rabia Bungalows Village
  27. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Employees Housing Society
  28. Judicial Housing Scheme
  29. Gulshan-e-Abad Housing Society
  30. Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme
  31. Up-Country Housing Scheme
  32. Kohsaar Housing Scheme
  33. East Ridge Housing Scheme
  34. Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme
  35. Gulshan-e-Fatima Housing Scheme
  36. Mumtaz City Housing Scheme
  37. Al-Shifa Housing Scheme
  38. Bahria Town Phase I,II and III
  39. University Town Housing Scheme
  40. Army Welfare Housing Scheme Rawalpindi
  41. Agosh Housing Scheme Rawalpindi

Back in July, the RDA had declared 31 housing schemes in its limits illegal and advised the citizens not to invest in them. These housing schemes were: Jinnah Town, Airport Employees Cooperative Housing society, Gulshan-i-Ali, Janjua Town 1, Janjua Town II, Janjua Town III, Khayaban-i-Millat, Rasool Town, National Town, Khayaban-i-Quaid, T&T Housing Society, OGDC Town, Hamza Town, Sanghar Town, Gulshan-i-Iqbal, Fazal Town phase II, Gulberg Town, Lake Vista Residential Rawal City, Palm City, Jabbar City, Usman Block, Jubilee Town, Lawyers Town, Radio Colony, Federation of Employees Cooperate Housing Society, Samarzar Housing Project, Gulraiz Housing Scheme, Metro Homes, Babar Homes, Paras Villas and Al-Falah Homes.

In a report on December 28, it was revealed that 43 housing societies were constructed in Islamabad without CDA’s approval. These Societies in Zone-5 are:

  1. Gulshan-e-Rabia
  2. Gulshan-e-Rehman
  3. Morgah City
  4. Hamza Town
  5. Parliamentarians Enclave
  6. National Cooperative
  7. Media Town
  8. Tele Town
  9. National Police Foundation
  10. Azim Town
  11. Pak PWD
  12. Dhanyal Town/Fiza Town
  13. Pakistan Town
  14. Ghouri Town
  15. Askaria Town
  16. Judicial Employees Housing Scheme
  17. Bankers City
  18. Rasheed Town/Sadozai Town
  19. Bankers Town/Hamza Town
  20. River View
  21. Fatima Villas
  22. Television Media Town
  23. Gulshan-e-Danish
  24. Fiza Town
  25. Aliya Town
  26. Danyal Town
  27. Aiza Garden Mouza Lohi Bher
  28. Sahozai Town
  29. New Model Town Humak/Roshan Enclave
  30. Jinnah Garden-II
  31. National Assembly Mouza Chocha

The Supreme Court ordered cancellation of the layout of 11 societies, including six in Zone 2 and five in Zone 5.