PM Khan Thrilled About 100 Pct. Auto Manufacturing, Electric Cars

PKONWEB Report – An existing plant in Lahore plans 100 percent manufacturing and export of automobiles, it has emerged.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that JW Forland factory in Punjab’s capital will produce the first vehicles completely manufactured in Pakistan.

During a visit to the plant site on Saturday, the premier said the factory currently employs 8,000 workers but will indirectly create jobs for 40,000 people. “So this factory, built on 2,500 kanals of land will provide 40,000 people jobs,” he said.

“The auto industry in Pakistan is the one of the fastest growing industrial sectors of the country, accounting for 4 percent of Pakistan’s GDP and employing a workforce of over 1,800,000 people”

The prime minister thanked Afridi brothers for setting up the factory and said it would generate more investment in Pakistan. “More investment in Pakistan will create wealth and increase tax revenue, and create jobs”, he said. “This cycle will then result in people having more money to spend and therefore more investment”, he added.

He said the vehicles will be completely manufactured here, with each part being made in Pakistan. This is the first time a full car will be made in Pakistan, said PM Khan, adding that before this, there were just assembly plants in the country.

“Sazgar Engineering Works, which manufactures auto rickshaws, also plans to set up a new car manufacturing plant in Pakistan in partnership with a Chinese company”

He said he was waiting for a time when electric cars are brought to Pakistan to resolve the pollution issue.

During his visit to Lahore’s industrial zone, he said the factory was giving around Rs21 billion in taxes but after its expansion, it will be giving Rs30 billion to the government every year.

“These vehicles can also be exported and we can get foreign exchange”, he said.

New car makers are expected to invest $1.5 billion in Pakistani auto sector, according to BE2C2.

Over the past five years, Pakistan’s auto industry has witnessed a phenomenal growth. In 2013-14 Pakistan produced 116,000 units of car which in 2017-18 reached to 218,372 units.

96 percent of motorcycles are being made in Pakistan.The country is exporting motorbikes to Afghanistan, while cars are also being exported to Nepal and Sri Lanka.