‘96,000 Tractors and 12 Million Farmers’ Participate in Protests Near Delhi

“96 thousand tractors and 12 million farmers” are participating in a huge protest on the border of Indian capital Delhi against farm reforms, say organizers of the march.

The farmers have been marching to the capital since early this week, reports BBC. Two farmers associations put out a statement saying they expect 50,000 farmers to reach the Delhi border from the neighboring state of Haryana.

Local media reports say drone cameras have been deployed for security surveillance at the Delhi-Haryana border.

Media reports say Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has urged the Modi-led federal government to defuse the tension at the border.

According to BBC, farmers clashed with police in protest march over agricultural reforms –they have now been allowed to protest in Delhi after the clashes.

These farmers from Punjab are said to be peacefully protesting, and facing high pressure water cannons, said a member of the organizers.

Farmers say the reforms are against their interests.

According to media reports, thousands of them marched to Delhi, where barricades at the border led to clashes with police.

But they have been escorted by the police to a protest site where they say they will continue demonstrating.

The government denies that the reforms, which open the farming sector to private players, will hurt farmers.

“Protesting farmers will be allowed to enter the national capital,” the Delhi Police Commissioner told local media, adding that they will be allowed to protest and urged them do so peacefully.

Organizers claim it is “the longest march in the history of Planet Earth”.

According to latest report, the government is ready to hold talks with the protesting farmers. Agriculture Minister has invited them on December 3 for discussion. “Delhi is ready to deliberate on every problem and demands of the farmers”, said Home Minister Amit Shah.

“I appeal to the protesting farmers that government of India is ready to hold talks”.

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