Ancient Civilization Was ‘Globally Connected’ (Video)

250+ photos and comparisons of ancient sites around the world show that there is a lot more to the story of our ancient past.

Jimmy, (of Bright Insight) whose career as a corporate fraud investigator propelled him into investigating the fringes of institutional research and history, shares proofs of a lost ancient global civilization that he says has been hiding from plain sight, for thousands of years.

Global civilization spanned virtually the entire planet, says Jimmy.

Jimmy hangs his hat on this: widespread global connection existed centuries back even before we heard (or were told) that trans-oceanic contact was “impossible” and that there was no “connectivity” as we have now.

Was the ancient world one huge mass at that time? He doesn’t say so.

Calling himself a nerd for Ancient Mysteries, Conspiracies & the Cosmos, Jimmy pushes his insight based on similar findings across the globe –these are compelling evidences he says that the ancients were global and well connected sans the internet and or modern gadgets, travel machines.

Was it trans-oceanic contact that made this possible? Historians say no, according to Jimmy. So how did this all happen remains a million dollar question.

Cobra snake on forehead or head (Egypt, left) and in India (right)

“(Still) they were far more global than they get credit for…there was global civilization…they had widespread global connections”.

His similarity in findings across the globe include: hand bag, watch (Mesopotamia 6000 years ago), stone nubs, polygonal stone walls, cobra snake on the forehead of deities, stepped pyramids, trapezoidal doorways, gold masks, trident, medical symbol, etc.

These items appearances are widespread and of global nature, says the investigator. Has the ancient but global civilization missed historians and institutional researchers plain sight?

Ancient history criticisms aside, Jimmy’s take on the subject is of interest and warrants in-depth studies.

Stone nubs are not just blemishes

Jimmy adds that none of these have been shared in schools at all. He calls for whole new conversation and debate, suggesting the new generation should be made aware of these facts and realities, and taught at school.


Ancient Civilization Was Global

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History is a set of lies agreed upon, Napoleon Bonaparte said. Will Jimmy and others like him continue to prove Napoleon right.

PS: On July 31 Jimmy (who calls himself a nerd) uploaded his latest video stating, “If you thought that 2020 couldn’t get any more bizarre than it already is…well, think again, because I’m here to tell you that something is happening up on the Moon…”